About us

Empresas Luna, provides passenger transportation services and is managed by its owner, Luis Vargas Pavez, who is the Legal Representative. This company was born due to the need to make our passengers' destination more accessible. At the moment we travel from Santiago to: Rancagua, Carahue, Panguipulli, Cunco, Puerto Saavedra, Tolten, Coñaripe, Cholchol and Temuco, where we have our office selling tickets and spaces for the arrival and return of trips.

Thanks to the efforts to improve the routes, routes and destinations, Empresas Luna allows its travelers to know the southern zone, with the kindnesses that characterize it and the places and branches of our land.

Empresas Luna stands out and offers its passengers benefits like: Comfort, Safety, Punctuality.

The Luna fleet has a fleet of 14 buses, which are characterized by being painted with attractive designs and strong colors, with the aim of highlighting among others and thus make it easier to identify a Luna bus in the distance. This makes the Luna buses more attractive during the tour and makes the customer feel that he made the best choice of trip.




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